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SAP provides innovative technology that can truly transform your business. Its world-class applications give you a proven foundation for unified operations. Its next-generation technologies propel you into the digital economy.
From the intelligent ERP suite of SAP S/4HANA®, to the in-memory speed and predictive analytics of SAP HANA®, to the game-changing innovations of SAP®Leonardo, today’s SAP technology can position you to become an intelligent enterprise.

Ecoservity is an open ecosystem partner with SAP.
Jungleworks is a market leader in delivering mobility solutions to entrepreneurs and enterprises looking to provide an omni channel experience to their customers. Their mission is to engineer and maximize mobile ROI.

Ecoservity is a Technology Integration Partner with Jungleworks. Microsoft Cloud technologies help organizations to optimize processes with modern, cloud-based applications; to maximize the effectiveness of their workforce, using cloud-based productivity tools; and to transform their business with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).
Ecoservity is part of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN).
ASUG is an independent SAP user group with more than 100,000 individuals (SAP Americas’ customers, certified and non-certified SAP partners, independent consultants)
71 % of Installation Members (SAP Customers) represent small and medium enterprises (SME) reporting less than $1.5 Billion in revenue

Ecoservity is an ASUG partner.